Saturday, May 19, 2012

Succulents for A Sustainable Green Garden

1. Echeveria secunda (center), 2. Agave species , 3. Mixed succulents, 4. Succulents for the holidays, 5. Kalanchoe thyrsifolia - Paddle plant, 6. Aeonium 'Sunburst' - Copper Pinwheel, 7. Aloe up front, 8. Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvey', 9. Aeonium arborescens full tilt, 10. Aeonium haworthii variegata close-up, 11. Agave angustifolia 'Marginata' - Variegated Century Plant, 12. Aeonium urbicum - Saucer Plant, 13. Mixed succulents with mohawk

I just started growing succulents this summer. All of the above plants currently grow in my home garden. It's nice to see them all together as a review of summer gardening.

I am in the throes of a significant garden renovation. I'm ripping out perfectly good, handsome and colorful cottage plantings. In the wake of this demolition, the advent of plants pictured here. My objective is to create a more sustainable habitat without sacrificing beauty. Simplicity is my new best friend.

Shades of Green Garden Design

Garden quote
Shades of Green Garden Design is an established garden design studio specializing in the creation of beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Whether you desire a relaxing refuge, a plant-filled paradise, a haven for wildlife, a place to grow food, a practical family garden, or a low maintenance outdoor space, Shades of Green Garden Design can help you to create your dream garden.

I am dedicated to helping my clients create the perfect garden to suit their lifestyle and location and I can help you to do the same, whether you require the full
garden design service, advice on planting, detailed planting design for the whole garden or for a specific border, one to one garden coaching sessions to help you to develop your gardening skills, or a one-off garden consultation to give you new ideas about how to enliven or renovate your existing outdoor spaces.

Based in Dollar, Clackmannanshire, my client base extends throughout Perthshire, Fife, Edinburgh, Stirlingshire, Kinross, Falkirk, and into the Borders of Scotland.  Garden design projects to date have featured a range of large and small gardens for both rural and suburban locations, all closely tailored to my clients’ particular needs. Examples of some recently completed commissions can be found in the
portfolio section.

If you are looking for a garden designer who will listen to you, work closely with you, someone qualified and professional, who understands plants and knows the enormous potential of any garden, then please
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Hosta, Green Garden Plant

Many gardeners desire to plant hostas in their yard due to the fact that these plants thrive well in areas which don’t have much exposure to direct sunlight. Hostas are one of the easiest to cultivate perennials and the fact that there are tons of varieties around means that you will have no issues selecting the best one for your yard. Popular varieties include blue angel hostas, strip tease hostas and patriot hostas.
Hostas are easy to propagate and as soon as young plants begin germinating and springing up, you can split and divide them to get more plants. It is however essential that you make sure that the weather is moist enough where you live to ensure the newly cultivated plants will thrive.
You can eliminate any infections and diseases when splitting hosta plants by using sterilizers such as bleach solutions to clean tools during the process. This is especially necessary when splitting different varieties.
Hostas are resistant to many pests and insects and only seem to attract insects and snails when there is continuous rainfall. Snails and slugs also attack the flowers and reduce their attractiveness during long rainfall periods so you need to put in effective measures to repel these pests.
Hostas don’t thrive when exposed to too much light and this is why you should plant them in shady areas. You should try to water your hostas regularly in the morning so that they can dry off later in the day and avoid snail attractions.
Hostas are available throughout the whole year and bloom constantly, making it one of the most widely available flowers during all seasons. You can also combine these flowers with other perennials and annuals to enhance the beauty of your home.

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